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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


WH40K Wargame Objective Point Markers 6PCS Set

by Jucoci
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Type: YE-01

【Clear Define】This markers compatible with WH40k 9E. Distance from edge to center circle is 3 Inches. It will help you clearly define if your model is touching the point.
【Super Thin】This objective point markers is about 0.01 inch thick. It will not block your buildings and terrains on the tabletop.
【Transparent】This markers are transparent, and fit any game mat.
【Remove the Protective Film】Remove the film. Will increases the transparency, and makes the marker flatter and thiner
【About Scratch】You may find scratch on the surface. The scratch is not avoidable. The one surface does not have film because of printing requirements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Spot on for 40k objective size and distance. No more arguing with your opponent or having to measure if you're claiming an objective.

Also delivered days before it was expected. Props to the vendor.

Right size, though I wish there were alternative designs

These are the correct size and work very well. I tried to cut my own by hand a few times and without specialized tools to cut a nice, neat circle these are an absolute must if you favor convenience over having to measure, or remeasure to figure out if you are in range or not.

My only "complaint" is the lack of variety in the yellow hazard design, or numbering, and to be honest, I tend to flip them over to show the "white" plain side instead, but this is personal, cosmetic gripe.

If I needed more, I would certainly buy these again!

Super practical and functional, excellent quality!

I tried several types of objective markers, but these are really the ones I adopted!
Excellent quality, durable, their transparency and size are ideal for our Warhammer 40,000 games in V9 and V10 with children!
I recommend.

Andrew .W
Exactly as promised!

I had my doubts if these would be exact or not, but my worries were unfounded. Pictured is a 40mm base, as per rules, and as you can see the rings are exactly 3 inches out. Will help so much with speeding up games and preventing fuss over tape reading. Love these!

Michael Zenner
GREAT markers that don't distract from your game mat or terrain.

I love these markers. They clearly show the position of the objective, as well as a precise 3-inch perimeter. Being transparent, they don't obscure the surface below. Also, they are super-thin, so thy will easily fit partway under objects without upsetting them. I'm really glad I bought these for One Page Rules and 40k games.

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