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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


WHAOS Wargame Objective Point Markers - Red

by Jucoci
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【Clear Define】This markers compatible with AOS 3.0. Distance from edge to center point is 6 Inches. It will help you clearly define if your model is touching the point.
【Super Thin】This objective point markers is about 0.01 inch thick. It will not block your buildings and terrains on the tabletop.
【Transparent】This markers are transparent, and fit any game mat.
【Remove the Protective Film】Remove the film. Will increases the transparency, and makes the marker flatter and thinner.
【About Scratch】You may find scratch on the surface. The scratch is not avoidable. The one surface does not have film because of printing requirements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
bread ROLL
Ideal for the mortal realms

These make life a lot easier when playing AoS. Yes they are the size of dinner plates but will stop arguments with the sweaty players of the world.


I’m lovin’it ,you should try it.

john n.
Happy with what I got

Need some objective marks for competitive play and was not disappointed.

Fantastic Product. And nice to have something different to everyone elses

These are good quality transparent templates that work perfectly for AOS 3.0 being exactly 12" diameter. Makes it so simple for seeing who is and isn't on the objective!

Feedback for making them even better would be:
* choice of colours/designs.
* A 6" diameter ring marked on the template to help block against deep strikers.
* A + dead centre for alignment of template.

Eric B.
Great for gaming!

These templates are fantastic for gaming. The outer decoration is easy to see on the battlefield but since they are mostly transparent, they do not add an eyesore to your play field. The price when compared to similar, more obnoxious looking templates is a nice plus as well!

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