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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


Jucoci 2-in-1 Blue Plastic Painting Handle

by Jucoci
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【Matte Surface】This handle has a matte and soft surface. It will offer you a comfortable grip feeling.
【About first Installation】Please read the Installation Guide in the detail pages. It will help you to save effort in the first installation.
【Anti Shake Degisn】The metal bracket allows you to hold your hand/finger on it. Make your hand more stable while painting small detail of your miniature.
【360° Rotatable】360° Rotatable miniature setting cap allows you to adjust your painting position easily. Make your miniature painting more enjoyable.
【5 PCS Setting Caps】The package includes 5 pcs of miniature setting caps. Easy to switch, and allow you to paint multiple models at once. Especially good for doing fast paint for miniatures squads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sturdy easy to hold

First things first. You have to assemble parts of this handle and that presents a challenge as it comes without instructions, these can be found on this page but I think a sheet of paper would have been better.
Once assembled though this is an excellent piece of kit for the figure painter.
It comes with extra rotating discs that attach with small magnets to the main handle so you can have other minis lined up ready to go. Helpful with batch painting.
The price is good. The handle is nice and comfortable to hold and the rotating feature is nice and smooth.
All in all a five star product.

Good quality T arrived promptly

This painting handle is useful for painting batches of figures up to 5 at a time with the multiple painting bases, which I also believe are sold as separate sets if you want more than that.
But I think the unusual feature on this item is the wire wrist rest that helps steady your painting hand when undertaking fine detail work.

Commision artist review

This is one of those tools to aide in your painting. Up there with Micro set/sol and a good water palette.
I originally bought this to make a hybrid version of a handle with my Citadel holder. Ive since changed my mind.
This thing just feels nice, the magnet and lid are surprisingly strong with good holding power.
There is a soft rubber texture to the handle, very ergonomic and it comes with a magnet on the bottom. This works well when you wash a model and hang it upside down to help ink settle better.
Construction is sturdy. Not a lot of slop on the mini holder disk or metal handle. You can still move it with little effort, but it wont slip all over the place either.
Weight-perfect. Its light and airy, like the model you're working on is sitting on your hand. So no fatigue will come with long painting sessions. I placed a thin piece of aluminum under my cutting mat so the magnets that the handle comes with sits nicely and doesn't topple.

Possible cons: the velvet rubber coating might fade eventually and the metal handle post may slip in the future if excessively moved around. But Im already thinking about fixing it in place with a bead of silicon or resin. If you have weak hands youll need to use pliers or a clamp to attach the metal sleeve.

10/10 for this handle.
You should scoop one of these up so we don't have to look at terrible grey minis on the table top ;)

Works great!

It arrived nicely packaged, with some assembly required. I had to use pliers to get the little locking metal piece onto the support bar but it was pretty easy using the pliers. I followed the instructions that are listed here on Amazon because the box didn't contain instructions, but that wasn't really a big deal either. Once it was assembled and I tried it out, it was great! Definitely made a big difference with being able to hold onto the miniature and stabilize my hand while I painted. This was my first time painting a miniature in years, so I'm definitely no pro, but I thought this device was very helpful and I really like it.

Well built and a bargain

I’m impressed with the painting jig so far. Very sturdy yet light in the hands. Looking forward to painting many figures in the future.

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