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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


U Shape Acacia Wood Painting Handle

by Jucoci
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【Acacia Wood】This miniatures painting handle is made of acacia wood. It will offer you a comfortable grip feeling.

【U Shape】Make your mininautres painting process just like writing on a handbook.

【Anti Shake Degisn】This painting allows you to hold your hand/finger on it. Make your hand more stable while painting small detail of your miniature.

【360° Rotatable】360° Rotatable miniature setting cap allow you to adjust your painting position easily. Make your miniature painting more enjoyable.

【3 PCS Setting Caps】The package includes 3 pcs of miniature setting caps. Easy to switch, and allow you to paint multiple models at once.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very flexible tool for model painting.

This painting handle is very well thought out and constructed. It does allow you to get your model into about any position to make painting easier and more accurate.

Once you mount your model with a dab of putty you can then easily hold it in any position and easily get to all parts of the model. It speeds up painting and pretty much eliminates brush errors when you are trying to reach a difficult-to-access spot.

This is a great tool to improve and simplify model painting.

Very handy tool! I'll show myself out!

This design for a holder for painting miniatures is brilliant. I have a few others that range from bits of a dowel to those made by game companies and I think this is my favorite. The platform rotates so you can find the position that is best for you. The large handle gives you a good grip on the holder without your hand getting in the way of painting.

I do wonder if the base disks had to be that thick? Considering you don't hold onto those, I suppose it's moot other than for storage.

Jonathan Meyer
Fantastic painting handle!

I can't say enough good things about this handle. It's perfect for holding medium-sized miniatures during the painting and finishing process. It comes with three wooden bases and three metal plates. When you use the adhesive on the metal plates to stick them to the bases, it allows you to use the three bases interchangeably with the integrated magnets in the handle.

It is not large enough to paint "large" size miniatures, but the vast majority of my miniatures are medium, so I don't take off any stars for that.

If there is any improvement I'd like to see, it would be making the magnet portion of the base itself have a certain degree of swivel on it so you don't have to rotate the base; it's not easy to do one-handed.

John Schultz
Tiamat? Nope!

This is a great handle for painting mini’s.
It works best with newer style mini’s that are lightweight resins than with the old school metals.
I decided to repaint all my old Grenadier Mini’s (Set#2005 Fighting Men) from the 1980’s and mini’s were quite different back then. Heavy for their size. I was able to putty most of them well enough for rotation but they were too heavy to be inverted.
It’s been a pleasure repainting these as an adult. 18 year old me did a poor job!

For resin Mini’s this is an amazing holder. Easy on the hand. Hold all of them well! Even inverted!

Now if they just made a holder that could hold my huge Tiamat :)

Eric San Juan
HUGE help when painting minis!

This is a HUGE helping when painting minis! It's well made and easy to grip, with a handle designed to be held firm from many angles. Minis are easy to mount with a touch of putty. You can rotate the mini so you can reach any part of it. It fully transforms the way you approach painting. I don't think I'll ever paint minis again without using one of these! Big thumbs up!

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