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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


Larger Backpack for Jucoci Plastic Miniatures Storage Case (Backpack Only)

by Jucoci
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Original price $54.99
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Original price $54.99
Current price $39.99
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Current price $39.99

  • Compatible Storage Case: Backpack is compatible with Jucoci Large Size plastic storage case.
  • Free Your Hands: No longer need to hold large plastic case in your hand while walking.
  • Soft Padded Backpack: Added soft padding to increase comfort when carrying the large backpack.
  • Backpack Only: This product only includes the backpack, the plastic case must be purchased separately.
  • Size: Only Compatilble with Jucoci large size plastic storage case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shimon Jayme
Convenient and high quality

Bag is amazing, all features are great. Good quality, back pack straps hold weight really well. I don’t have the case from Jucoci but the case I have is the equivalent size. There’s room inside so I fit a couple of codexes next to the case. The pockets are great, and although one reviewer complained you can’t fit the book, my 10th edition core book fit sideways perfectly on side pocket. Not the leviathan book. It might be too tight for that one. But I could fit it inside next to case if I needed to. All my dice, tape measure and tools fit in the other pockets. Love the bag and when I get another case for the other armies I’ll definitely buy this bag again.

Paul S.
Frees up my hands to carry more stuff

10 out of 10 love this bag for the jucoci case! When I go to the game store I also take a box full of terrain, so this helps free up in my hands. It does come with two foam pads that stick to some thing, not sure what exactly are they are for

Ashley Webb
Perfect for holding accessories

I bought my husband this to go over the matching miniature case that I got him as well. It makes it easier for him to be able to carry the case on his back like a book bag and the side pockets are relatively large and fit any extra stuff he would like to take with him like extra dice, pencils, etc. I highly recommend this if you are going to buy the miniature carrier as well or if you already have it!

Adds a lot of extra utility and protection to the case!

PSA: This is a fabric add-on bag for the plastic Jucoci minis case. This bag isn't suitable for carrying anything by itself! ;)

That out of the way, I found this bag to be a really good addition to the case. It adds an element of privacy (the glass display on the original case is great, but when travelling, it's nice to have the option for it to travel without advertising its contents to the world!)

The bag itself is well put together, and the velcro is super strong! My only minor concern with that though is if you lift it using the handle on the top, the only thing holding it together is that so if it goes, everything will come crashing to the ground. This hasn't happened, but it's a source of anxiety when using the top handle.

This being said, the primary way to carry this is using the straps and on your back, this is much more secure and there would be no risk of it falling that way!

There is plenty of extra storage for books and dice and other accessories, which I didn't think I'd want to use but I'm totally using them now and it saves on having to bring an extra bag when going for a game.

All in all I really like this case, if you own the existing Jucoci case, this is a great add-on and I highly recommend it!

Max $. Bando
If you have the Jucoci case you NEED this bag.

This thing is perfect. It’s the best way to make sure your Jucoci case is protected and can never accidentally open. The case itself does have a nice locking mechanism, but some people seem to have a hard time securing it. With this additional bag around the case, so there is no chance in an accident that the case itself will ever open up. It really should be sold with it, but I understand that this bag is 1/3 of the price of the case. It’s really necessary though, especially for travel. The additional pouches really help out a lot, they are large enough for a full size, iPad Pro, or similar 11 to 12 inch android tablet, in addition, there are multiple dice pouches and accessory pouches. Overall, I really don’t think you will find anything better for under $500, and then you’re gonna be making some sacrifices.

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