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WH40K Tabletop Terrain Wargame Set - 36PCS Battlezone Creation Kit

by Jucoci
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Original price $229.99
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Original price $229.99
Current price $199.99
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Current price $199.99

【Compatible with WH40K】This is a terrains set which compatible with the board game WH40K.
【36 PCS Terrains Set】This terrains set includes 36 PCS terrains.It can provides various terrains to your game table.
【Pre-Painted】This terrain set is pre-painted.And it will allows you to have a fully painted wargame table within a few hours.
【No Glue Required】This board games terrain set is easy to assemble and no glue required. Please read manual before you start to assemble.It will make your assemble work much easier.
【Competitive Format】This terrains set is design for 2000pt games. It will create a fair and interesting battlezone for you and your opponent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jose & Mo
AMAZING Quality Terrain

Purchased set for our upcoming WH40k Battle Report channel and to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Great quality, SOLID feel with texture grip, fully painted, if you can build WH40k models then assembling this terrain is a breeze. Compared to the FLG sets this is on par, especially since this set is priced $70 less with more terrain. Don't sleep on this 36PCS set. If you're looking for professional quality for your YouTube channel or just want more emersive tabletop games this is for you.

Great terrain!

I use the terrain to play Warhammer 40K and I love it. I've seen many types of terrain and rarely such good MDF terrain.

The price is completely reasonable for the quantity and quality of the site.

Assembly was easy and nothing was damaged as a result. In addition, it is already in color, which many of the other manufacturers do not offer. It looks good. Can be assembled without glue and weighs enough not to fall over immediately.

Conclusion: Value for money is great and you didn't need more than this set to make older maps.

Marc M.
Top!!! Lots of terrain.

The terrain is very well printed, you can't see any pixels. The material is very solid and makes a massive impression. Once put together, I would leave it that way.

The structure is self-explanatory even without instructions.

Now on to the most important thing. The price may be a deterrent for now, but it's a variety of terrain!

In my photo, not everything is even on the mat. The mat measures 44x90 inches.

The product is highly recommended as someone who has been playing tabletop for over 15 years.

Andrew Russell
Great value

Honestly the terrain is great for Warhammer. Definitely has a strong chemical smell out of the box. I've been airing it out in the garage for a few days and it still is strong enough to make me feel light headed after assembling some of it. After a few days the smell has diminished significantly. Assembly is really easy. Don't expect to open the box and immediately start playing, you might end up with a headache after a game the first day. If you want terrain that looks nice and fairly cheap this is definitely the way to go.

Puto Pendejo Jabroni Cabroni
Excellent Terrain Set

40K player. Best terrain set for the price. Fills a table with plenty left over. Easy to put together, no glue required, but doesn’t hurt to have on hand for extra stability (epoxy or super, hot if you’re desperate). Slight smell and some residue on my hands from excessive handling while building but not so much that it’s a problem while setting up or playing. Perhaps give the mdf plates a wipe down with a gentle cleaner before beginning to assemble to remove the residue if it bothers you, or wear gloves. Again, not a problem if you’re just moving the terrain around a bit. After being built, still relatively easy to store. The pieces can fit snugly together or on top of one another (aside from the forests). Extremely playable. Not the most “immersive” terrain like stuff from gamemat or high end 3DP but from a competitive standpoint this terrain is perfect. Extremely balanced, high density, obscuring for large winged models (ie mortarion or greater daemons), little to no “wobbly model” spots. *maybe* not extremely durable material, but I’m also not planning on doing any deliberate drop tests to find out how durable they really are. For our intents and purposes as 40K players, this set bangs. Mine came in 3 days.

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