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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


WH40k Wargame Skeleton Objective Point Markers 6PCS Set

by Jucoci
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Color: Blue

【Clear Define】This markers compatible with WH40k 9E. Distance from edge to center circle is 3 Inches. It will help you clearly define if your model is touching the point.
【Super Thin】This objective point markers is about 0.01 inch thick. It will not block your buildings and terrains on the tabletop.
【Transparent】This markers are transparent, and fit any game mat.
【Remove the Protective Film】Remove the film. Will increases the transparency, and makes the marker flatter and thiner
【About Scratch】You may find scratch on the surface. The scratch is not avoidable. The one surface does not have film because of printing requirements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Very cool and practical

The target markers look pretty cool and consistent and do a bit of measuring work.
It would only be cooler if the transparent areas of the markers could be seen even more clearly, but it's completely clear how it is.

Take and Hold!

I am greatly enjoying these markers. They work perfect, don’t slide too much on my mat. Look great and are solid quality!

Exactly as expected!

The item is exactly as advertised. Cheap and useful. Suffers from some sliding as all acrylic markers do, so I won't hold it against the product.

S. Akins
Makes knowing who holds the objective so much easier

These are great for playing Warhammer 40k. It makes it super easy to see if you are on the objective and I like that they are transparent so they don't stick out on the mat or terrain. These really make the game more enjoyable.

Well made Markers

The objective markers are well made and make the objectives very clear on the battle field. I have tested them in a couple fo games of 40k the people that have played and seen them have said they look really good.

The main reason that I have given them 4 stars is that they appear to have random words around the edges that translate seems to think is Hindi so it does worry me slightly that it could offend someone without knowing what they say fully.

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