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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


Painting Handle V2-03

by Jucoci
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【Beech Wood Handle】This miniatures painting handle is made of beech wood. It will offer you a comfortable grip feeling.
【About first Installation】Beech wood is a hard wood material, please read the Installation Guide in the detail pages. It will help you to save effort in first installation.
【Anti Shake Degisn】The metal bracket allows you to hold your hand/finger on it. Make your hand more stable while painting small detail of your miniature.
【360° Rotatable】360° Rotatable miniature setting cap allow you to adjust your painting position easily. Make your miniature painting more enjoyable.
【4 PCS Setting Caps】The package includes 4 pcs of miniature setting caps. Easy to switch, and allow you to paint multiple models at once. Especially good for doing fast paint for miniatures squad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Benjamin H.
Perfect for painting minis

Good weight, perfect size for grip, love it for painting miniature figurines.

Debra Brinkman
My son has loved using this

I got this for one of my sons to use, as he does a lot of painting miniatures and painting his own designs that he has 3D printed. The photos in this review are of him painting a Captain America from the Marvel Crisis Protocol game.

He wasn't really sure about this, but thought it might be interesting to try using. Now that he has had a chance to use it, he really does like it. I'm paraphrasing a bit of what he told me.

He really likes the wood, nice and smooth, no fear of splinters.

One thing that he didn't see mentioned in the description is that there is a second magnet on the bottom, which could be useful for putting it on metal surfaces, or you can flip it over and paint the minis on that side.

The hand stabilizer part was difficult to get in to start with, but once he got it in, it was nice. He liked it a lot more than he expected to. It is pretty easy to get out, maybe too easy. But after the first time, the stabilizer has been easier to put in.

If your mini has a large base, it is a little tricky to get the mini off without touching the base and potentially ruining the paint. That is a case where flipping it over to use the bottom side is good, as you can just slide it off then.

The sticky tack is really sticky. He'll probably get some more normal white tack, as this one leaves a bit of residue, which can be cleaned off fairly easily.

He really liked being able to spin them freely on the stand.

Could be better

I love the quality and feel of the product compared to the plastic competitors.

My reason to one star off and return it was that the first picture shows how much surface area you have to turn so my thumb would constantly rub while spinning which on wood isnt comfortable.

I think if the piece was twice the thickness it could work better.

Upgrade your painting game

I got this for the BF because he paints tabletop miniatures.

This thing is a game changer. He was using sport drink lids to put his minis on to paint. This handle is double sided and comes with four magnetic mini holders and some really nice tacky putty. He likes being able to handle a larger base so he doesn't accidentally smudge or chip works in progress. It just feels better in the hands, and he can really stabilize the mini for that tiny detail work. The metal handle part, he did have some issues getting that into the holes, he had to wiggle them a little bit to get the ends in. Now that they're in, it's sturdy and hasn't come loose. He's over the moon and this new tool is a favorite!

Kyler C.
It holds models well!

I've been a model painter for several years now and even won a few contest, so I can say with certainty this is the most "ok" painting handle I've used in a while.

Pros: The magnet is strong for the mounting disc! The handle shape is fantastic and don't cause any pressure issues for prolonged painting. Fantastic painting handle for the price.

Cons: Out of the package, there were a few rough spots on the wood that were easily corrected with super high grit sandpaper. The holes for the metallic rest were not drilled correctly and would not allow it to mount as intended, but was quickly remedied with a hand vice.

Overall: This is a fantastic buy for anyone getting started into the hobby! Even veterans will like this one.

Keep on fighting the gray!

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