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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


Painting Handle V2-04

by Jucoci
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【Beech wood Handle】This miniatures painting handle is made of beech wood. It will offer you a comfortable grip feeling.
【About first Installation】Beech wood is a hard wood material, please read the Installation Guide in the detail pages. It will help you to save effort in first installation.
【Anti Shake Degisn】The metal bracket allows you to hold your hand/finger on it. Make your hand more stable while painting small detail of your miniature.
【360° Rotatable】360° Rotatable miniature setting cap allow you to adjust your painting position easily. Make your miniature painting more enjoyable.
【4 PCS Setting Caps】The package includes 4 pcs of miniature setting caps. Easy to switch, and allow you to paint multiple models at once. Especially good for doing fast paint for miniatures squad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
J. Smith
Solid painting handle tool

I really like the multiple discs and the magnet system to easily rotate or swap the mini to paint out. Lots of sticky tac included as well.

Ashley Webb
Great holder

I got this for my brother-in-law for Christmas and he loves it! He would talk about his hands being shaky while trying to focus and put on the tiny details on his minis, so it's great that this holder has the bar for you to rest your hand on to make it easier to paint and give your hand more stability.

Really brilliant companion when painting miniatures!

I previously had the handle from Citadel, it wasn't bad, but it was relatively small and only made of plastic.
The one from Citadel lasted well for a few years, but now a new one was needed and this one really appealed to me. The Grim Gripp would have been very interesting to test, but with taxes and shipping over 60 euros is too much for me for a colored grip.

This has a very similar structure, but without the unique magnetic ball mechanism like the Grim Gripp. The paint handle fits fantastically in the hand, is not too big or small and the included “dough” can also be used or can be removed without leaving any residue.

This is my first painting handle that has a metal guide integrated to stabilize the hand and I was very curious to see whether it really served its purpose. The metal guide is really a blessing for very small details and the hand stays a lot steadier.
The metal guide greatly simplifies the detailed work when painting miniatures.

I am completely satisfied, 5 stars and a clear purchase recommendation!

Jay Cooley
Very nice.

Nice size and fits in the hand well. The magnets are strong enough to not worry about them dropping off. I like that you can flip it and use the other end as well.

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