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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


Painting Handle V3-01

by Jucoci
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【Black Walnut Handle】This miniatures painting handle is made of balck walunt. It will offer you a comfortable grip feeling.
【Anti Shake Degisn】The metal bracket allows you to hold your hand/finger on it. Make your hand more stable while painting small detail of your miniature.
【360° Rotatable】360° Rotatable miniature setting cap allow you to adjust your painting position easily. Make your miniature painting more enjoyable.
【4 PCS Setting Caps】The package includes 4 pcs of miniature setting caps. Easy to switch, and allow you to paint multiple models at once. Especially good for doing fast paint for miniatures squad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This is a game changer.

I've been using various methods to hold my minis while painting. I'd had the most success with the standard Citadel handle in the past. But that was until my partner gave me this wooden handle for christmas. Oh my! It feels so nice in the hand! Wood just can't be beat - no sweaty hands here! The magnetic base (it comes with a few for convenience) is easy to rotate but also stays put as long as you need it to. The metal arm, once fully assembled, feels very sturdy and stiff - so it's PERFECT to brace your hand for those small details you really don't want to mess up if you've got shaky hands like me. No need to brace your elbow and wrist on your work surface, that arm will keep your hand still and give you the most control over your brush. Just amazing.

Brooks Sligh
Absolute perfection

This painting handle is 100% exactly what I was looking for & a clear upgrade from the plastic ones I've purchased from a corporation which will remain nameless. Assembly is simplicity itself. The resulting handle is hefty but not uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The angled profile with the thin waist is easy to maneuver. The pinky rest is sturdy, clamping on securely with no risk of it shifting or rotating. The magnet connection between the puck & the handle is solid and easy to rotate with your thumb. Using blu-tack to hold a base to the wooden puck is fine as long as you're using a hollow base. To that end, the only change or improvement I would call out is a cork puck that you could stick models to with pins. Something like that would be simple to DIY though.

Nice wooden handle for mini painting

I ordered this handle because I wanted to try something fancier for painting my miniature figures. This worked wonderfully it felt nice and warm in my hand the entire time and really felt a lot more ergonomic than my regular plastic handles. The only thing that I would recommend for this company is inserts.

This is their best version yet

Absolutely necessary kit for me, as my hands shake too much without it. Even if my hands didn't shake so much, it just makes painting much more comfortable, and I can do so for longer. The wood is really beautiful, not a single flaw. I got everything shown in the picture.

The shape makes this so easy to hold, I would get the V3-02 shaped handle if you will hold the handle with your thumb horizontal, and the V3-01 if you will hold the handle with your thumb vertical.

Would love to see them sell extra "setting caps" separately. I sometimes paint several miniatures at once.

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