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🎉Free Shipping Special Offer🎉:Purchase any three items from the Trio collection to enjoy FREE shipping!


Wet Palette Paint Palette for Acrylic Paints - Yellow

by Jucoci
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【Save Your Paint】Keep your Acrylic Paints wet and fresh for longer application. Save your pigment and avoid paint wasting.
【Professional Sheets】The paint paper of this wet palette is carefully selected. The paint on this palette will not shrink to small drops. It will give you more control over your paints.
【High Quality Foam】The foam pads have extra robust water preserving capacity. They are hand washable and long-lasting.
【Easy to Clean】Avoid the mess and inconvenience of ordinary palettes. No need to scrape and wash away paint. All you need to do is pick and throw the used paper away.
【Palette Size】11.1×6.9 Inches. Appropriate size to deal with most of painting project.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Arthur T.
A true game changer for the artist working with water-based acrylics and other water based media.

Sometimes you find yourself in a place of inspired creativity-sometimes it may just be a new found
galvanic burst of productivity, either way, as an artist you find yourself going until either you or the light goes.
The last thing you want to do is to clean up! Also, with water based media, one must preserve custom color mixes for the coming days work,seal away paint colors in individual jars, etc.,etc..
Use this palette instead! wipe off your palette knives, wiggle waggle your brushes in water, pass out. Next day, voilà, your colors are fresh and just as you left them the night before. The covered tray will actually keep your paints fresh for a week or more. I’ll be taking this palette out into the field next. Good times.

June Musick
Best little wet palette

I have had it wet for 4 days and the paint ( I paint in gouache) on top of the paper is still wet! My only issue is the lid is a bit difficult to remove as it sets inside the bottom .

Make it Sew
Game changer

This is a game changer!
I used to take a piece of plastic wrap to cover my paints on a damp paper towel over my table corner to generate the same effect here. Now with the Jucoci wet pallet my table doesn’t look like it just got back from the tattoo parlor.

What makes this kit so amazing is that it comes with not only an air tight case that can be adjusted for ventilation, but also two foam pads for absorbing and holding the liquid along with multiple paint sheets to evenly apply and mix the paints on.

The paints don’t dry out either and now I don’t have to peel off a wet slimy piece of plastic wrap in the morning. I just pop the lid and pick up where I left off.

Game changing!

Paints, even gouache, stay wet while I work!

This is the first wet palette I’ve tried so I don’t know how it compares to other brands. But I’m thrilled to be able to paint with gouache without it drying out on the palette, constantly having to re-wet mixed colors with a spray bottle. This palette keeps the paint consistency as I mixed it, and I just dip the brush into it and paint! I didn’t add extra water to the tray, just got the sponge nice and wet. Don’t know yet how the paints will fare overnight, but so far very very pleased with this!

Performed Well for Stationary Use

I added a bit of water to the bottom tray after fully saturating the pad and like some other reviewers found that resulted in some spreading/running of paints that started on the wet side. That said, it did a great job of preserving moisture in significant dollops of even normally-dry colors for 24 hours with the vent holes closed- I can see paint lasting for days or longer this way. In the future, I will fully saturate the pad and use no more than a few drops of additional water. My original plan was to use this palette for mixing as well, but realize that for the way I work it’s best used as a complement to my glass palette, which I’ll continue to use for mixing for immediate application. This wet palette will primarily be used with colors straight from the tube and for saving larger amounts of mixed paint (which I’ll return using a spatula) that I want to preserve for a later session. I can already tell I’m going to be saving a lot of paint and will be continuing to use the palette with parchment as suggested by other reviewers once the included sheets run out.

Because of how wet the paints remain, moving a loaded and covered palette should be done with care to keep it level care in order to avoid inadvertent mixing. For in-studio use, I couldn’t be happier.

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